About Us

Science Health Diagnostics

Science Health Diagnostics (SHD), founded in 2022, provides high-quality rapid diagnostic testing services. Our product portfolio spans multiple testing categories and analytes to meet various clinical and laboratory needs.

We own over 600 square meters modern manufacturing base in Sarnıç district of İzmir.

Science is our passion; it drives us to collaborate, develop, and manufacture assays that help to achieve reproducible and consistent results. SHD invests heavily in research to develop new products in response to market demands and continuously improve our point of care tests.

Our company leaders have worked as manager in the world's leading American, European, and Chinese diagnostic companies for many years. Their experience provided firm steps on the path to growth.

Group Companies

We established Bykaralar Ltd. in 2008 with an intent to provide the latest technology and the highest quality systems by closely following the developments in the diagnostic field. During our growth with powerful distributorship agreements, we built solid dealer and extensive technical service infrastructure.

In order to establish group companies, we founded Deniz Biyokimya A.Ş. in 2019. Since then, it serves as a laboratory solution partner for the private and public hospitals and laboratories in Türkiye. At the same time, it has became a company that exports diagnostic and medical tools to 12 countries with its ERP and CRM infrastructure.

Deniz Biyokimya A.Ş. started to take place in DEPARK, Dokuz Eylül University Technopark, in January 2024 in order to expand and grow its kit and poct device production in the field of IVD. The R&D and innovation team accelerates its work here and works in the fields of post-production evaluation processes and automation and production.

Thanks to the Depark partnership with the Central Laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine Hospital Central Laboratories and Biochemistry Department Academicians, Deniz Biochemistry is working to add value to the global IVD market with scientific methods.